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I don’t like having to make this post but I will. Comments on pages will not be approved when people include website addresses in them without explanation of what the link is for, or if the link is completely off topic. Spam comments are easy to detect and are totally different to genuine posts and genuine posts are of course acceptable and encouraged on this site.

So spammers, don’t waste your time, your posts will not be made public, we moderate comments before listing and we have a zero tolerance approach to spam for the benefit of real and genuine people.


The past few days

Tired day brings update to DLA

Hello everyone

Welcome to My Fibromyalgia, this is a site from a fibromyalgia sufferer detailing my expeiences for the benifit of those with fibromyalgia, their friend & family and for people researching the condition on the internet.

If you think you have something to contribute then please feel free to get in touch. This site is very much in its infancy and will change in terms of look and content on a regular basis until I am happy with it at which point I will maintain it, make sure the information is up to date and perhaps start a blog to give people an insight into Fibromyalgia. I will also try to link in various functions from social media circles so you can keep updated and share the content more easily.

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