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Test your Vitamin D for £25 at home

As the title suggest you can now get your Vitamin D levels tested privately for £25 and you can do it at home then send it off by post for the results.


I have been inundated with comments in response to my article “Vitamin D Deficiency” posted on the 21st of May and have heard from a lot about people with low Vitamin D levels and have even been sent research suggesting a link to Fibromyalgia. Within these comments someone informed me of a Vitamin D test available in the USA and I asked if there was one available for people in the UK. I would like to credit Charlene Sphon for the link she sent me for a Vitamin D test in the UK so we have her to thank for this great bit of information. In my original post I said that many people in the UK could be suffering from low Vitamin D levels due to a long dark winter and this could effect those with and without Fibromyalgia. Since then it seems like most people with Fibromyalgia that have been tested have come out low, so it is certainly something worth looking into.

Symptoms of Low Vitamin D

To recap the symptoms of low Vitamin D are:

General muscle pain and weakness
Muscle cramps
Joint pain
Chronic pain
Weight gain
High blood pressure
Restless sleep
Poor concentration

However there is no clear pattern of symptoms and some people remain symptom free despite low levels. It can also be hard to distinguish between the symptoms of low levels of Vitamin D and Fibromyalgia.

The £25 Test

About the test

The test is offered by the Pathology Department at City Hospital in Birmingham which is part of the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. They will send you the kit with instructions by first class post and then you return it to them in a prepaid envelope. They then use liquid chromatography mass spectrometry method to measure the Vitamin D in your blood. This will measure both Vitamin D2 and D3 levels (also known as the 25-hydroxy test) and they will provide a clear interpretation of the results all of with your D2 and D3 levels. The results are sent to the email address provided on the consent form. But if you would prefer they we can post results to you. The results are expressed as nmol/L which are the older units still used in the US and some laboratories in the UK, however you can covert them to ng/mL with the help of their Q&A Page on their website. The test is a “blood spot” test where you prick your finger and place a spot of blood onto a sheet which acts a bit like Blotting Paper and you put four drops of the sheet. They aim to process results in 5 days.

How to buy

To buy you need to ring them on 01215074278 and pay over the telephone by debit or credit card. The cost of the kit and service is £25 and for organisations that order 10 or more they offer a discount of £5 (£20 per test). You can order from overseas for £30 a test to be sent by airmail.


If you have a reason for believing you have low Vitamin D levels your GP can conduct a blood test on the NHS at no cost so the £25 test is for added convenience of home testing and using the postal service. If you are due routine blood test your GP could arrange to test your Vitamin D levels at the same time.

If you have low Vitamin D

If you your test comes back as low you could increase your bodies exposure to sunlight as it is your body’s main form of collecting Vitamin D. Otherwise you can take Vitamin D supplements but speak to your doctor or Pharmacist before doing so. Too much Vitamin D can be harmful too.

Buying Vitamin D Supplements

Sometimes your GP may prescribe you supplements but you can also buy them in pharmacies and Health Food Shops. You can also buy them over the Internet and for more information visit Vitamin D in our Helpful Products section which has links you can follow to purchase them from a reliable retailer.

Click here to be taken to the Vitamin D test for £25 website

Vitamin D Deficiency

What do they want? Blood?

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