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My Manuka Honey update 1 week on

This article is specificly a progress report on my first week taking Manuka Honey after my article Manuka Honey – The Bees Knees?

To start of I would like to say that taking Manuka Honey is hardly any problem at all, as Honey goes its lovely and I certainly haven’t had to spread it on toast or mix it in to food. In fact I actually feel like Winnie-the-Pooh sat there eating honey, something I could get quite used to and I’m sure many of you could too. It’s certainly nothing like taking extracted Aloe Vera which is a rather unique experience and I still enjoy watching the faces of innocent victims who I may have convinced to try some of that.

The positive side

Anyway I digress as ususal. The first three days of taking 5ml of Honey at night were really quite good, I simply had three good days. Now although its rare to have three good days I can not make any assurances it was down to the Honey. The effects felt were an increase in energy and a slight decrease of pain, fatigue and fog. Now say for a moment this was the Honey, I could say that it was more effective than any drug other than Morphine and no drug for Fibro I have taken has been responsible for this scale of improvement. However I can not say this is down to the Manuka Honey, without a proper double blind clinical trial I would not say the Honey is beneficial or push the taking of it. All you can hope for is for me to say something like “I think its worth a try as it could have been responsible for an improvement in me and my great uncle” however we are no means there yet.

The Honey also seemed to have an effect on Morphine withdrawal which is surprising as according to my specialists they don’t know of anything that can truly help in that department. What seemed to happen was a delay to withdrawal, in fact I actually accidentally did not take any Oramorph for 12 hours by accident, this is because I am used to letting my body tell me when it needs morphine as I’m trying to cut down unsuccessfully (but that’s another story.)

The negative side

Unfortunately after three days there was a change, now I have to say at this point I had been advised to increase from 5ml to 10ml a day which I wish I had not done as the increase could also have caused the following problems. Firstly was a change in the effects on morphine withdrawal, Instead of seeing the warning signs I simply didn’t see any, I then hit a big withdrawal wall as if I had been ignoring it for an hour or too. So the a Honey was possibly responsible for increasing the onset in severity of withdrawal. I then found I was having to take quite large doses to rescue myself, something I’m not entirely happy with. Also I have been getting headaches mainly in the evening a few hours before I’m due my next dose. Now this could be because I’m taking it every 24 hours instead of 12 but I am concerned its having an impact on my blood sugar. I get headaches quite a bit and they are normally attributable to a cause, perhaps I have had more sugar in previous days and suddenly stopped (occasional sour worms sweet habit), perhaps I had had too much sugar, a lack of caffeine, dehydration etc etc. So I am quite sensitive to things like that, when I guess the cause right I can eliminate the headache in as little as 10 minutes but sometimes it can last hours after trying everything. In this case I have decide to reduce back down to 5ml and if it continues I’m going to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels more as its a little concerning.

So overall in week one it’s been a mixed bag, a very good start to the week but not such a great ending. As I’ve said I have no idea if this is down to the Honey one bit but as people experienced with Fibro will say we know something is responsible for changing something to our normal balance. It’s made things a little more unpredictable and I can just tell there is something going on in my body that’s new. So I’m going to continue with 5ml once a day, I have two Jars and I will see them through as long as side effects are mild or moderate and I will report back. I certainly feel I need to give it more time, perhaps I’m just adjusting to it, perhaps I was fighting one of the many cold viruses going round my family at the moment, who knows. But as ever I will keep you posted.

Product Information

I am taking 5ml of 12+TA “ManukaPharm” Manuka Honey each night

Have you tried a Manuka a Honey?

Do you have experience taking Manuka Honey for CFS/ME/Fibro or any other condition? If so I would appreciate your comments, you can comment in the box under every post, we will never ever ever pass your email address onto anyone and just keep a look out for a confirmation email in your inbox or junk if your a first time poster.

Appointment with the Specialist Pharamacist

Well as the title suggests I have my appointment through for the Specialist Pharmacist at Nottingham University Hospital. This appointment is for us to come up with a plan to reduce my Morphine intake. As you may know I am dependent on & tolerant of morphine. I have been using both Oramorph solution and MST. I firmly place the blame on the doctors who decided they could treat my chronic pain with MST while still treating my breakthrough pain with Oramorph! I can only only say to everyone out there, if you suffer from chronic pain and they want to treat it with morphine, get specialist advice first!

I will be having blood tests to check my Pituitary Gland is producing enough Testosterone first as this is a side effect observed with Males taking over 100mg/day of Morphine Sulphate and can produce similar symptoms as both Fibromyalgia & Morphine dependence which rather complicates things. I am fairly confident my new Pain Management Consultant is doing the right thing, my concern is they want me to completely come off morphine where I would prefer to be restored to my original state. This was having Oramorph in the the house for severe Myofacial & Neuropathic pain and using it maybe a few times a month and most importantly NOT on a regular basis. Unfortunately I know from experience when I’m in this state nothing less than Morphine can help. I do however also worry that my tolerance will either not reduce back to this level or it may take a long long time as I have found it takes far longer to wean off than I had originally thought!

Appointment is in September (NHS)

Pain Management Appointment in Nottingham

I have had an appointment through for Pain Management at Nottingham University Hospital (City Hospital Campus) with Dr G J Hobbs for sometime in the Summer. I have been thinking about arranging a pain management appointment for some time as I believe my extreme sensitivity to pain could be the key to my Fibromyalgia. The referral was actioned sooner than I had anticipated because I had disagreed with the way my GP wanted to manage my pain with morphine. I had been prescribed Oramporh a few years ago by a pain management department at a smaller hospital. I was originally using Oramorph to help with breakthrough, severe pain, often Myofacial in nature. After this my GP decided it would be more beneficial to use MST regularly to treat my Chronic Pain and Oramorph to treat breakthrough pain. At this stage I was not very experienced with Opiods and agreed. I soon found that my morphine tolerance increased and I had to use more Oramorph to cope with breakthrough pain. The GP’s answer to this was to increase my MST further so in theory I would need less Oramorph. I found the opposite was the case and I needed double the Oramorph again to combat breakthrough pain. I performed som calculations and found that my average morphine intake over a month had drastically increased due to the use of MST constantly and the amount of Oramorph I needed to cope with breakthrough pain was enormous. I decided to try and reduce my MST and reduce my average intake to reduce my tolerance but cope with the signs of dependence I had developed during this time. It tough but I’m managing to cope with a basic dose of MST and slightly lower doses of Oramporh. It has be much much harder than I thought to reduce my average intake. Yet again my GP wants to increase my MST but I have refused as it was the introduction of this that caused tolerance and dependence in the first place. I’m just not convinced you can treat both chronic and breakthrough pain with constant and increasing supplies of morphine. I tried to explain that their theory did not work in practice but they refused to believe this was the case, I had to refuse the increase in MST and requested a Pain Management Referral as I was very concerned about my tolerance and dependence on morphine and the strategy the GP advised. Unfortunately this gives me two issues to discuss in my appointment which can be difficult in limited NHS consultation times. I need to deal with the morphine management issue and the issue of some sort of rare sensitivity to pain that I believe could be a key to my Fibromyalgia. I would be grateful any information about severe hyperalgesia particularly in relation to blood tests and cannular’s as this seems to be the most extreme presentation. Also if anyone knows anything about the Pain Management Team at Nottingham University Hospitals please get in touch. My search continues……

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