Our friends Jayne Linney and Debbie Sayers have appeared in an article on The Mirror website entitled: “The number is finally up for ‘cruel and incompetent’ Iain Duncan Smith”. I have personally supported their campaign through this website, on Facebook & Twitter and am delighted to hear they have got some more national press coverage after their extraordinary achievement of reaching over 100,000 signatures on their e-petition to parliament. Debbie Sayers also wrote her own article on this website giving some background on the petition, herself and Jayne and their quest for accountability. (see all articles written by Debbie Sayers)

The Mirror article is well worth a read and will provide you with the latest update on this long running story. It also features a picture of Debbie & Jayne so regular readers can now put faces to names as well. I’m not going to cover the latest instalment in detail as its all in the article but needless to say I am anxious to see IDS in front of a select committee answering questions on the subject. I do feel there is a complete lack of accountability when it comes to our politicians and often the only opportunity the public get to act is in the form of a general election every four years. It is also staggering to think it takes over 100,000 people to hold an MP to account for his misuse of statistics and even then its far from guaranteed.


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The article on The Mirror website entitled: “The number is finally up for ‘cruel and incompetent’ Iain Duncan Smith” published 20the November 2013

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