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README – If leaving comments


This website gets over 100 Spam Comments a day and I haven’t managed to come up with a solution or audit the pending box for some time.

IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT: Fill the contact form in with the date and time of your message or email development@[insert web address of this blog minus the “www.”] and I will go online and approve your comment so it shows up on the website for you.

Disheartening SPAM comments!

I thought I would share with you what the daunting task of approving comments looks like. This site attracts so many SPAM comments its unbelievable. Every one get reviewed before it goes live but finding the genuine ones is like finding a needle in a haystack! I must find a solution soon, oh and spammers………. Your comments will never see the light of day, jog on!



Following my “SPAM COMMENTS” post:

1) Every single comment is held and moderated before it appears on the site
2) If you have had an approved post before, your comments are still held for moderation and still have to be approved every time
3) You are wasting your time if your not genuine

Real People: Sorry about that, I am getting so many spam comments it untrue, I need your genuine posts to help show the spammers they won’t win. This site is about Fibromyalgia and for those with Fibromyalgia and always will be. I’m considering a different comments system/plug in to stop spam, if you have any advice on WordPress plugins get in touch please!

Thanks everyone!

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