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A couple of articles that caught my eye

DWP issue conflicting advice as everyone is swamped with benefits paperwork

Our Family Income just dropped like a stone

As the title suggest our family income has just taken a dramatic nosedive due to the cuts and benefit changes. How it is all worked out is very complicated so I’m not going to go into detail but the important bit is that our circumstances have not changed, but out income has.

From 1st May:

Child Tax Credit – Completely Withdrawn
Working Tax Credit – Completely Withdrawn
Employment & Support Allowance – Completely Withdrawn

We are still a couple, one disabled (bedridden), one working full time, one child under 2 in private rented home with no housing benefit or council tax reductions. Looks like this year is going to be a squeeze then, especially when my DLA does not cover my share of council tax, rent, bills, food etc etc. Cheques made payable to………………………

Well thats my Employment & Support Allowance gone!

Yes, I have officially joined the Scrap Heap of Disabled People too having had my Employment & Support Allowance stopped under the 365 day rule. I got my letter just before it stopped on 1st May as I was on contribution based ESA and in the WRAG. Got another nice untitled letter which I believe is my P60 so now were living off my wife’s income only. Given the fact I have been bedridden for over a year I have of course appealed and appealed and had already sent a complaint and appeal in before I got my letter. Yet again my complaint has not been acknowledged and appeal not been looked at so it looks like another letter will go in. I suppose the silver lining to the cloud is I won’t be told I’m fit enough to get a job that lets me work from bed for 0 hours a month.

On a lighter note I have uploaded a lot of content under the medications section, I’m also working on VAT free products and Fibromyalgia treatments too. I’m getting to the stage where I would like to get a design sorted now. I don’t know if I should do it myself, get someone else to do it, use template or pay for a template yet. I would appreciate people’s opinions in general and from people with WordPress sites. Also after me making the post about Spam comments I seemed to be getting even more now, I just hope that with the increase in Spam there is an increase of genuine visitors. I would love to hear from anyone genuine, say hello, post a comment, send me a message or contact me through twitter @my_fibromyalgia I don’t really mind how, it’s entirely up to you!

Keep well and best wishes

Changes to contribution based ESA

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