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Fibromyalgia Association UK
Fibromyalgia on Arthritis Research UK
Fibromyalgia on the NHS Website
Fibromyalgia on Wikipedia

UK Fibromyalgia Forums (Largest in the UK with over 8,000 members)

General Disability

Disability Rights UK

M.E. & C.F.S

Action for ME
The ME Association
The Association of Young People with ME
The National ME Centre & Centre for Fatigue Syndromes
ME/CFS Parents
Lincolnshire CFS/ME service
Remember CFS
The British Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (BACME)
ME Research
CFS Research Foundation
Support ME

Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance on Directgov
Disability Living Allowance on the Benefits and Work website
Disability Living Allowance on the Citizens Advice website

The new Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment on Directgov

Employment & Support Allowance

Employment & Support Allowance on Directgov
Employment and Support Allowance on the Department for Work and Pensions website
A Guide on Employment & Support Allowance published by Citizens Advice
Employment and Support Allowance on the Benefits and Work website
Disability Rights UK Factsheet F31 -Employment and support allowance overview

ATOS Healthcare

Probably a good place to start

Disabled Blue Badge Scheme

Blue Badge – can I get one?” publication from the Department for Transport
Find my local County Council service on
Blue Badge eligibility checker on
The Blue Badge Scheme: rights and responsibilities” publication from the Department of Transport
Guidance about the Blue Badge scheme issued to Local Authorities by The Government
Find Disabled Parking by Postcode service from

Medications – Amitriptyline

Amitriptyline on
Amitriptyline on

Medications – Duloxetine

Duloxetine on
Duloxetine on

Medications – Gabapentin

Gabapentin on
Gabapentin on

Medications – Pregabalin

Pregabalin on
Pregabalin on

Similar Conditions

CFS/ME on the NHS website
Arthritis on the NHS website
A section about Psoriasis on the NHS website that describes Psoriatic Arthritis
Ankylosing Spondylitis on the NHS website
Diabetes on the NHS website
Lupus on the NHS website
Rheumatica on the NHS website
Hepatitis on the NHS website
Lyme disease on the NHS website
EDS on the NHS website
Behçet’s disease on the NHS website

More UK Fibromyalgia Organisations & Charities

Fibro Action

UK Based Personal Fibromyalgia Blogs

The Fibromyalgia Effect
Fibromyalgia Dee
Fibro Life Thru a Lens
You don’t look sick!
bluemoongirl’s musings
The complicated patient
Chronically Crafty

Fibromyalgia Facebook Groups that have supported this site

Nancy’s Fibromyalgia Group
Fibromyalgia Support Group
Fibromyalgia Friends
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2012 by Fibromodem
Fibromyalgia Support Group (Same name, different group)
Fibromyalgia ,,
Fibromyalgia Fun House (Added 08/06/13)
Fibromyalgia & CFS Support (Added 18/06/13)

Fibromyalgia in the United States of America

Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centres

The Fibromyalgia Blood Test
The Fibromyalgia Blood Test (FM/a ®) Website
The original article published by the BMC Clinical Pathology Journal Entitled “Unique immunologic patterns in fibromyalgia” (.pdf)
The Patent for the Fibromyalgia Test
Professor Fred Wolfe (Director of National Databank for Rheumatic Disease in the USA) His blog post entitled “Junk Science – Junk Ethics”
“Questions arise over new diagnostic test for fibromyalgia”on Fox News (26/02/13)
“First Test to Objectively Diagnose Fibromyalgia Now Available” Press Release on Reuters Website (04/04/13)
Company Biography of EpicGenetics on (16/04/13)
“New Test for Fibromyalgia: Should You Get It?” article by Adrienne Dellwo on (15/03/13)
“Objective test for Fibromyalgia now on the market” article on (11/03/13)
“EpicGenetics rolls out first fibromyalgia-specific blood Dx” by Mark Hollmer on (07/03/13)
“First Test to Objectively Diagnose Fibromyalgia Now Available” article on (04/03/13)
“New Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Blood Test – For Real?” article by Karen Lee Richards on (13/03/13)
“Despite Researcher Criticism, EpicGenetics’ Fibromyalgia Test Does $750K in Sales in First Month” article on (05/04/13)
“Biological Marker for Fibromyalgia is challenged – No Surprise” article on fmcfstriggerpoints Blog (08/03/13)
“New Diagnostic for Fibromyalgia” article on Akemi’s Heart, Mind, and Soul Blog

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