How I used them

I have used these Knee Supports for a few years now. I started to use them when I started with walking problems. I first used them as my knees seemed to be the first part of my legs to tire while walking so I thought I would try the Supports to see if I could slow down the rate of fatigue in my knees. I personally believe this worked and I was able to walk a little further than usual. I do appreciate that some of this could be psychological and the benefits may not be pure mechanics but either way the outcome was positive.

I continued to use them but it became rarer as I found I could not walk distance due to a deteriation in my condition. I had to spend more and more of my time in bed and I noticed a lot of muscle wastage as I simply was not using these muscles as much as I used too. In terms of strength I have never been particularly strong and most people would beat my bench press weight, including females however I found my legs were the strongest par of my body and did have above average strength. After this took place I found my knees felt week and became painful and susceptible to twisting, I felt my knees could twist at any point and cause injury. Due to my lack of mobility I would also not be able to warm them up correctly which would probably increase the chance of injury. So I decided to use the Knee Supports again and they were perfect, they provided support to my knee and I was far more confident at walking when I needed to be and thought the chance of injury had nearly gone away. Get Dapoxetine online

The product itself

These supports are made of neoprene with an open platela (knee cap). They have three straps, a small one around the knee itself which can be used first to ensure a correct positioning. There are then two larger straps at the top and bottom that provide the strength and compression. They feel very very sturdy and they will increase confidence in almost any user worried about their knees. There are a few negatives, they are not very breathable so I do find you sweat a lot around the knees when wearing them, this can make the knees itchy and uncomfortable. The second is that you don’t get it right every time, because they are fully adjustable you can apply more compression than required and sometimes you put them on and they look completely twisted for no reason at all and the only way to solve it is take them off and start again. Sometimes I have found I have put them on upside down by accident as its not totally obvious which way round they sound go. Another problem is they use Velcro to secure the straps, which is perfect for that exact job but when your storing them they get all tangled and the Velcro stick to everything so you often have to spend the first few minutes in tangling them. Modafinil¬†


Overall I still found this product very helpful and they help your confidence if you have any knee problems or find them quite weak. You can wear them all day because they sweat and itch to much but if your using them for a specific moment they are great. I sometimes use a fabric tubular support bandage under them that increases comfort. So if you can afford them and have knee issues then I would defiantly purchase these to inject a bit of confidence into walking.

Normal price £12.99 for the pair.

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