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E-Books are becoming more and more popular and a lot of books that already exist are being made into e-books and new books are often now published on paper and electronically. Books about Fibromyalgia are no exception either and a lot are available electronically. One benefit is their cost, ebooks tend to be a little cheaper and a lot of e-books are free as well, when I come across free e-books I will try and post about them or at least tweet about them.

This section will contain information on Fibromyalgia e-books as I come across them, if you find them first then add them using the comments box, just remember to click the link in the confirmation email for the first time round.

Fibromyalgia E-Books

Fibromyalgia: Road to Recovery by Elizabeth McSweeney

Elizabeth McSweeney is one of our followers on Twitter and it was through the social network that I found out about her books. At present they are a series of e-books available on Amazon however I have a feeling that when these books prove successful she may have some future plans. As a follower I got in touch and asked her if she would like to write about her books on the website. She accepted my offer and a few days ago she provided me with some great information about her books, telling me that they are the result of four years of work which involved collating information from 50 fibromyalgia sufferers about their experiences in the UK. I can certainly say Elizabeth has put a huge amount of time, effort and money into these books, something i can certainly start to identify with after getting this site up and running. This is what she had to say:

A message from the Author

“Before suffering from fibromyalgia I had been a working holistic therapist and spiritual healer. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t ‘heal thyself’. Following a serious depression, my GP suggested I write a book about ‘coping’ with Fibromyalgia. Through research and writing I navigated a cathartic process of recovery by realising that Fibromyalgia is a healing process of grieving, caused by consecutive multiple unresolved traumas (experienced by Body, Mind and Spirit). Through this realisation I found a path to full recovery, and my books are a legacy of this research and recovery process.

I’d like to add the rather provocative statement here that I believe it is nothing less than evil to continue the myth that fibromyalgia is incurable…..if doctors can’t offer a cure they should own that statement. “We can’t offer you a cure” – that statement does not mean you cannot recover. The healing power of your body is phenomenal.

x Elizabeth
(Follow Elizabeth on Twitter)

Volume One: Facts from Fiction

At over 40 x A4 pages, this volume reveals data, from my primary ethnographic and desktop research, about our difficult journeys to diagnosis. This volume explains in detail what fibromyalgia is, what it is not, and some theories about what causes: it including how our bodies physiological react to stress and trauma; information about the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and Hans Selye’s ‘General adaptation Syndrome’, and there relationship to ‘what’s going on’ in our bodies when we suffer from fibromyalgia.
Fibromyalgia: Road to Recovery. Volume One: Facts from Fiction on Amazon

Volume Two: Epione, Laso and Panacea (symptom management)

At over 50 x A4 pages, this volume explains the relationship between insomnia and pain; takes a look at what we can do to manage insomnia and take our first steps toward healing (including an appendixes Yoga Nidras Meditation technique). Volume Two also takes a detailed look at current UK treatment offers and reviews various pharmaceutical pain medications.
FIBROMYALGIA: Road to Recovery.Volume Two: Epione, Laso and Panacea (symptom management) on Amazon

Volume Three: Strategies for Daily Coping

At 69 x A4 pages, volume 3 details strategies for daily coping including top tips from over 40 other ‘fibro’ sufferers. It takes both a pragmatic and empathetic look at current UK benefit system (PIP and ESA); offers some useful advice to make the physical struggle of housework easier; and investigates the changing landscape of family and friends when we have fibromyalgia.
FIBROMYALGIA: Road to Recovery. Volume Three: Strategies for Daily Coping on Amazon

Volume Four: Self-help… The Search for Healing

At 64 x A4 pages, this is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE review of treatments and therapies collated from contributions from 50 other fibromyalgia sufferers: a detailed feedback on treatments and therapies that have helped others. It also has extensive chapters explaining how vitamins and minerals help us and why detoxing our livers and switching to acid free diets is crucial in the recovery process (including an appendix full of yummy easy to prepare acid menu suggestions). It also discusses the dreaded ‘E’ word – exercise!
FIBROMYALGIA: Road to Recovery. Volume Four – Self Help… on Amazon

Volume Five: Aceso – Recovery

Finally at a whacking great 81 x A4 pages, Volume five introduces the ‘Seven Healing Principles’ that underpinned my own complete recovery and a suggests a three day (first steps towards your own recovery) ‘Road to Recovery’ plan. Included in this final volume are 6 worksheet appendixes: a Self- Assessment Questionnaire; Alkaline Menu suggestions; FFT – Fibro Free (rubbing) Technique; Homeopathy Information Sheet; ‘Unrecognised Losses’ (grieving aid) Worksheets; and a Stretching Workout.
Fibromyalgia: Road to Recovery.Volume Five: Aceso – Recovery on Amazon


“I think there are chapters that would be very useful to use with professionals and medical decision-makers as you have all the research and data pulled together…. thank you for writing this book and I look forward to reading the next one.”
Pam Stewart, chair of Fibromyalgia Association UK (FMA UK)

“Enjoying it! All that technical stuff, phew!, but you explain it rather well.”
Sue Coutts, co-ordinator of Bridgwater Fibromyalgia Support Group

The books are published by The Treasure Tower Press

Other formats

Update 24/08/13: Elizabeth’s books are now available on Kobo and Smashwords.

More about E-Books

E-Book Formats

It is important to understand that e-books come in lots of different formats, you can read most of them on a PC with the right software but when it comes to e-readers they don’t always open every format of book available. You can get software to convert the format of e-books you legally own which could be an option if a book is not in your desired format. Wherever possible I will state what format an ebook is in and perhaps supply links for different formats if possible.

Amazon Kindle Books

Probably the most popular format available, at least commercially. You can often “borrow” books for free on an Amazon Premium Account if you have one. Another think I am keen to say is “YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE” as a lot of people, particular the less computer savvy think you need a kindle, but you don’t. You can read these books on almost any computer or mobile device these days, and as I am so kind I will list the devices and you can click them to be taken to where you need to be, for free!

PC (Windows 8)
PC (Windows 7, Vista & XP)
iPhone & iPod Touch
Android Handsets
Android Tablet
Windows 8 Tablet

Reviewers Wanted

The Products section on the site is something I am keen to keep, knowing certain things have been used by people with Fibro really helps when it comes to deciding if you should invest in a product. Therefore I am looking for people to recommend products, review products and review books. You can get in touch at any time, even if your just recommending something and would like it to be listed. I am more than happy to credit you with the work and link to your website/twitter/facebook as you wish. You can also add your opinions to products already on the website, I will review your post and if it is objective and constructive I don’t mind using it. You can of course comment on any page anyway if you wish, our new spam filter sends you out a confirmation email after you comment so make sure you remember to confirm the comment or it will not appear. I had to delete 56,000 comments one day recently without going through them one by one as spam is an issue. I also want to know about your experience with freebies, so please contribute where you can, there is no pressure to contribute more, just do as much or as little as you want.

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