Here I will be posting information on products for people with fibromyalgia. These may include books, other media, guides, vitamins & supplements and other things like Mattresses, TENS machines, Joint Supports etc etc.

If you intend to use anything listed here, please discuss it with your primary care provider first, this site is in no way a substitution for, or to be considered, as medical advice.

The subcategories are currently:

Vitamins & Minerals (Suppliments)
TENS Machine
Heat Pad
Knee Support
Get VAT off products
Hay Fever Products
About Product Links

If you would like to suggest a product or ask if we can find a product for you we would be more than happy to do so and really encourage reader participation. You can do this by commenting in the box at the end of this page (and keep an eye out for a email to confirm your email address before you comment can be approved) or you can use our contact form here if you would like your request not to be made public. If you would not like your request to be made public we will not reference your request in any way but may list the product on our website if we believe it will be helpful for visitors with Fibromyalgia.

If you would like more information about our products links and commissions we may receive from them please see this page.