The following are “Work in Progress”:

Drugs/Medicines from the USA that could help you fight Fibro in the UK

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements in our Product Section

Finishing the “Guide to the ESA50”

“Pain types, syndromes & classifications” (Article)

“Fibromyalgia & Alcohol”(Article)

“Relationships & Fibromyalgia”(Article)

About this section

This section contains a list of draft titles for future blog posts. This is so regular visitors can keep an eye on what may be coming soon to allow them to contribute thoughts, ideas and related findings. For me one of the goals of this site is to collect information and opinion from a wider audience and present it in a way that it can benefit others. There will be a natural transition as the site becomes more popular, at present I write articles on subjects I choose, based on information I find. Hopefully this will gradually change and articles will be written by a number of people on subjects chosen by visitors based on information people have found and brought to the site for the benefit of all.

How to contribute

There are a number of ways to contribute to future articles:

You can email development@ [the website address without the “http://www.”] and all emails will be read. (The email address is not written in full to protect against Spam, currently we receive several hundred spam comments a day and cannot afford this to affect emails).

You can comment on any page or post to provide information, ask questions or ask for further articles on the same or similar subjects.

You can tweet us @my_fibromyalgia if you would like to send a brief message as characters are limited.

You can fill in the contact from by clicking “about me” on the top red navigation bar and then select “contact me” to load the contact form page.

You can use our Facebook Page to get in touch, currently we only have a few followers so it is not monitored regularly but as it grows this will become more popular.

Website development & feedback

Unlike some other sites we encourage feedback and suggestions for the development of the site as well as contributions to articles and posts. You can provide this feedback in the same ways listed above.

Subject to change

The items listed as coming soon are subject to change, although the vast majority will be coming soon there are a number of reasons why a decision not to publish is made. As most of you will know Fibromyalgia can be a variable and unpredictable condition. I run this site on my own most of the time so I can’t offer any firm timescales about when an article may be published and the best I can do is give a clear indication of the subjects I am working on.

I put a great deal of my time and effort into this website and the pleasure I get is to know this information is benefitting others. It can only become a great website with great effort, from great people, so in the meantime I can assure you that this website is very important to me and that I value every contribution made along the way.


This is a temporary section for the testing of code, design and development in a live environment. Please do not use anything under this line.

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