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I realise I have not posted for a while or been very active on social media. There are a number of small reasons, however I do tend to go through natural phases and I have been concentrating on a few other ventures. I had also put a lot of intensive effort into is website to generate all the information as quickly as possible to give the best chance at growing an audience and to make sure there was comprehensive information for everyone on most subjects.

Medically my Vitamin D seems to be in normal ranges although I have not noticed much difference personally. I’m still on testosterone replacement therapy although the last blood test showed no improvement in my testosterone levels but instead my PSA was elevated and was about double what it should be. I attended a Urology consultation which was an experience, the doctor basically opened with “we need to confirm you have Prostate Cancer,” took no medical history, took no medication list, asked no questions about any other things that could elevate PSA, prescribed me a drug incompatible with my current medication and scheduled a follow up to discuss my next test results for before the test itself. So all in all not very successful and far bellow even the average standard I expect from the NHS nowadays. So its now down to my opinion that its a symptom of Chronic Prostatitis versus the Consultants opinion that its Prostate Cancer, let’s hope I’m correct!

Also becoming problematic is arthritis in my knees, I’ve noticed pain and inflammation while up to now they have just been a bit noisy. I have put on a little weight over the past year or two so it makes sense to be honest. Otherwise I’ve managed to reduce my morphine to about 50% of its peak which is good however I’ve noticed far more problematic shoulders of late and I’m going through Voltarol Emugel P like its water.

Otherwise I’m still here, I haven’t had to do much maintenance of the website as the information is still very current and applicable. I’m also in the process of being prescribed the only drug on this website I haven’t been on so I guess I will be able to provide a personal perspective on it soon, its Gabapentin by the way. I’m still contactable through social media or the contact form so feel free to get in touch, I’m quite bad at monitoring comments at the moment as real comments just get lost in spam I’m afraid. If you do require some response please contact me through social media.

I will however wrap this up as its meant to be a short update and I want to get this online before I get myself distracted with something and forget completely only to find it in my drafts once its a little out of date. I really really hope the site is useful for everyone, I’ve put a lot of effort into it and have tried to cover all subjects relevant for sufferers in the UK.

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Well its not Addison’s then!

Short Synacthen Test

As promised this (Short Synacthen Test) is the name of the test I recently had to check for problems with my Adrenal system that I had forgotten the name of in my previous post about it.

My Endocrinologist ordered the test in response to some things detected in my my blood and basically I believe its test for Addison’s Disease. You have a blood test the an inter muscular injection of Cortisol and then another blood test either 30 minutes or 60 minutes later to check your body has responded correctly. I believe there is a “long” version of the test where blood is taken multiple times in the 24 hour period after an injection of Cortisol.

Addison’s Disease is one of those conditions that could be responsible to Fibromyalgia Symptoms and I would imagine there are people that have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia who actually have Addison’s Disease. In my experience I have heard about a lot of people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia only to find a few years later that it is actually something else they were never tested for. Again my opinion is that Fibromyalgia doesn’t actually exist BUT its a dumping ground for people with similar and genuine symptoms that can not be medically explained either because things have been missed or because medicine can not explain what’s wrong. I believe this is why there are a lot of people in constant pain being labeled a “Fibromyalgia” sufferers and whenever a treatment or medication is trialled only a few benefit because there are actually a multitude of different reasons why a person could have “Fibromyalgia” symptoms.

Short Short Synacthen Test on
The symptoms of Addison’s Disease according to the NHS

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