Writing Profession: Unvarnished

One of my favorite lines related to writing stems from the lips of the sleazy American entertainment lawyer within Bertolucci’s bohemian film Obtaining Beauty . Upon getting together with the boy of a widely known poet, the particular lawyer muses, ‘I imagine it would be good to just sit down around throughout the day and… express yourself. ‘ Good, so do many writers, however as you’ll see, that’s not what being a article writer is all about.

Awesome misconception #1: writing is a straightforward career

If you think maybe that culling original, well-turned and fabulous phrases within the recesses of your imagination, gold mining the types of your was unable relationships, your personal childhood ecorchure, your life’s tragedies as well as triumphs whilst staring out the window on a dusty Tuesday set up, try one more career. Stories are hard. (continue reading…)