An Australian, their Brenda – We’re straight straight back and now have struck the bottom operating in 2016! Then we hope it was relaxing and lovely if you had a break over December.

Our very first article regarding the new 12 months is known as “An Australian, their Bride and a Cow” also it creates an intimate and funny tale! Nevertheless before we set about this story a background that is little Rovos Rail plus the Vos family members.

We have been owned by Rohan Vos and regarding his wife, Anthea, they will have four kiddies – Shaun, Brenda, Bianca and Tiffany. The bride inside our story is Bianca, child number 2, together with Australian is her brand new spouse, Brandon.

Brandon the Australian and Bianca the bride came across a few years back as well as for a bit traversed many countries become together. They finally put up shop and home in Cape Town equipped with not just one but five dogs and today a cow.

Then you’ll know two things: 1) He has a dry sense of humour and 2) he teases Australians and New Zealanders because of the long history of sporting rivalry between the three countries if any of you have met Rohan or listened to one of his departures speeches.

Bringing house an Australian might have gone in either case but Rohan, after a while, started initially to view it as an opportunity that is great practise his jokes and Brandon ended up being the butt of all of the of them! The past big gag lead in Rohan inheriting a cow. Over supper one evening Rohan told Brandon about Lobolo, that is a tradition that is african which a potential husband or mind of their family members undertakes to offer into the mind of a potential wife’s household home in cash or sort. Historically, this home was in cattle but with time it offers relocated to being mostly in cash.

Well, Brandon took this to heart and being the severe type of chap he is, started researching Lobolo and what type of cattle appropriate. (continue reading…)