Having settled down to bed about an hour ago I frustratingly grabbed my iPad and started flicking through Facebook on Flipboard to take the mind of the fact my body doesn’t want to sleep (my body sees day as night and night as day) anyway I’m glad I did as I was entertained by the latest video from @katieisacatokay.

Katie is around 14 or 15 and I know her Mum, Dad & Brother, in fact I know Katie the least but she is probably the family member who I have most in common with. Just because Katie had CFS/ME which is near as makes no difference the same as Fibromyalgia, in fact most doctors will just diagnose one or the other depending which one they know more about, well in my experience. I hold the opinion I have a lot in common with Katie as, CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia takes over your life, well most of it, so by my maths if it takes over your life, its at least over 50% of it, so therefore we probably have a fair bit in common. It’s not exciting stuff of course, just the usual, sleeping, functioning like zombie, being in pain, not sleeping, sleeping to much, wondering if you will get to do that exciting thing or if the CFS/ME monster will crawl out from under the bed and ruin your plans again!

But for Katie she has a bit of a list of exciting stuff to do this Summer as she has just finished year 10 and will be hitting the books in year 11 next year for her GCSE’s, which is a better excuse than anything I can think of to make sure she has a Summer to remember. In fact her video is entitled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/The List. However it also offers a little insight into what it is like to be her age and have such an annoying chronic condition. Although I certainly had the signs of Fibromyalgia at that age I thankfully didn’t have it quite severe as Katie, although I’m certainly having a good go at catching up since. However I digress….. Katie’s videos on whatever subject are quite pleasurable to watch, she has a keen interest in media and it shines through in her style of professional editing, unique/interesting presentation and quirky random humour. I can’t quite imagine how she manages to go through such a difficult period of her life with such a debilitating condition but the inspiration and hope her videos give make me certain it will all turn out ok.

Lastly if your an earlyteen with CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia I am certain you will find this video useful. Most of my website is geared to Adults with the condition so its about time I did something for the kids although I would urge anyone of any age to give it a watch. Katie, if your reading my advice to you is carry on as you are. Eat plenty of Curry this Summer and although I didn’t hear your mention it I am sure I saw the word “Daisymade” on that list, having been there a few hours ago and having a three year old daughter I also plan to spend some of my time there this summer too!

Click here for the Video (it may take a few hours to be encoded for mobile so if your on a mobile device and its not available check back a little later) it might even inspire me to spend more time editing my dslr video although you will never find me in front of the camera I can assure you! I’m now going to switch off the “mandatory” air con & try and get some sleep as I’m going away tomorrow to have a little holiday (or sleep in a holiday location while everyone else has the holiday depending on how it goes) so for my sleep tonight……….its take two!

Katie on Twitter @katieisacatokay