Well, I’m finding myself awake and getting frustrated about my lack of Employment & Support Allowance. I complained last November and got a response in writing and a promise they were looking into my claim that I should be in the Support Group, gathering more medical evidence and to acknowledge my claims that I am finding it hard to keep up with constant letters going backwards and forwards highlighting poor treatment and even unlawful decisions by decision makers.

Well, I’ve heard nothing since November, I’ve had nothing to inform me a decision has been made! I’ve had nothing to inform me a decision has not been made! I’ve had nothing!

In the first quarter I sent a letter of complaint and further information highlighting ATOS refusing to come and conduct a medical at my home at the request of my GP and FIVE cancelled medical requests! I RECEIVED NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF MY COMPLAINT

In the second quarter I was told my ESA had been cut under the new 365 day rule, I wrote another written complaint asking what the hell was going on about my Support Group Appeal. I RECEIVED NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF MY COMPLAINT.

To summarise they told me they were looking into my Support Group Claim in November 2011 but I have no result, I have written to complain twice and they are refusing to acknowledge my letters! What do I do? I had requested an appeal over six months ago and complained twice and they just won’t acknowledge my appeals and complaints?

What the hell do you do when the Jobcentre plus won’t let you appeal and won’t acknowledge any complaints? Can they just decide not to let you claim benefits, not to allow you to appeal, not allow you to complain if they feel like it? They have done with me!

I know it’s against the law for them to do this but I can’t take them to court, I have little money and I’m not medically able to go through it! Should I write to my MP? Should I threaten to publish my whole case online? Should I go to the press?

I’m going out of my mind tonight as I’ve finally managed to relieve nearly two weeks constipation (Too much information) and finally have a bit of energy, great, I should be sleeping! Not much chance of that is there?