Well as the title suggests I have my appointment through for the Specialist Pharmacist at Nottingham University Hospital. This appointment is for us to come up with a plan to reduce my Morphine intake. As you may know I am dependent on & tolerant of morphine. I have been using both Oramorph solution and MST. I firmly place the blame on the doctors who decided they could treat my chronic pain with MST while still treating my breakthrough pain with Oramorph! I can only only say to everyone out there, if you suffer from chronic pain and they want to treat it with morphine, get specialist advice first!

I will be having blood tests to check my Pituitary Gland is producing enough Testosterone first as this is a side effect observed with Males taking over 100mg/day of Morphine Sulphate and can produce similar symptoms as both Fibromyalgia & Morphine dependence which rather complicates things. I am fairly confident my new Pain Management Consultant is doing the right thing, my concern is they want me to completely come off morphine where I would prefer to be restored to my original state. This was having Oramorph in the the house for severe Myofacial & Neuropathic pain and using it maybe a few times a month and most importantly NOT on a regular basis. Unfortunately I know from experience when I’m in this state nothing less than Morphine can help. I do however also worry that my tolerance will either not reduce back to this level or it may take a long long time as I have found it takes far longer to wean off than I had originally thought!

Appointment is in September (NHS)